00s Hairstyles – 13+



00s hairstyles, We loved the curvy hair, which was very trendy in the 2000s, and almost all of us used it.


Cool 00s hairstyles, It is obvious that in 2000 years, hair was generally used straight. Hair straighteners have become indispensable for women.


00s black hairstyles, Curly hair was a favorite of the 2000s. This hairstyle was also called hump or runaway coat. Now this model is preparing to return.


The 00s hairstyles, The curved hairstyle, which suits women with a narrow forehead, opens up your face and makes it look longer.


Hairstyles from 00s, The curved hair, the favorite of the 2000s, was used in light hair as well as in buns and ponytails.


Hairstyles with weave, Although the curved hairstyle of the 2000s was similar to the fashion of the 70s, it was a unique model with the removal of tufts from the front and exaggeration of the updo.


Hairstyles for round faces, Hairpins, bandanas and other accessories were original to the 2000s, and wearing a thick headband and leaving the front part of the hair was quite trendy.


Hairstyles ponytail, It was unique to the 2000s to braid the top and front of the hair in hairdressers. This model could be used for 3-4 days.


Hairstyles up, Short hairstyles with the short front of the back of the hair are long, also belong to the 2000s.


Hairstyles half up half down, If there is a model of the 2000s that was perhaps adopted at that time but remained distasteful and criticized afterwards, it is undoubtedly this type of balayage models.


Hairstyles for thin hair, Gathering her hair from the side in a ponytail was of course one of the models that were at the forefront of the 2000s. Especially, it was adopted and applied by young people.


Hairstyles medium hair, Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle is also a model used by many women in the 2000s. It is still possible to see this style in hair.


Hairstyles for medium hair, After collecting the hair in a bun or a ponytail, leaving a few strands of hair from the front or sideburns was a style unique to the 2000s.


Hairstyles how to cut, This kind of layered and banged hair models, which resemble a feather according to some and are used with curled ends, are among the models of the 2000s.


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