12 Awesome Hairstyles in The 60s You’ll See


Hairstyles from the 1960s took on a new significance for women in the current age. Since there was no longer a cap to draw attention to a woman’s head. The bouffant style took teased hair to new heights. The flip, a favourite among teenagers, expanded the salon’s selection of youthful pretty looks. Overall, 1960s hairstyles went through a tumultuous trip that culminated in the natural look to start the 1970s. Here we are brought 12 Awesome Hairstyles From The 60s diaries. Follow up to the end to know the hairstyle that was loved the most.

  • The Afro Hairdo 

Afro was the most in-demand hairdo by Black American women. These people were fed up with straightening their hair for more than a century. And felt the effects of the natural hairstyle trend the most. This hairstyle was hassle-free and easy to maintain, making it the most sporting one.

  • The Straight and Long

During the end of the 60s decade, several young women were beginning to grow their hair long and straight. As it was a low-maintenance, mess-free style. The half-up, half-down style added some diversity to women’s typically straightforward 1960s hairstyles and was ideal for day or evening looks22 Stylish '60s Hairstyles You Need To Try Out!

  • Hair Pieces and Updos

The majority of women in the 1960s opted for short hairstyles. What should a woman do with a short hairdo? Enter hair extensions and fake hair. Length human hair pieces in complementary natural colours were for sale. Then they were pinned to a uniform, sleek updo.

  • The Hair Flip

The volume of 1960s hairstyles was also achieved without harming the hair. The “flip hairdo” began with top hair that had been mildly teased, smooth straight sides, and curled tips that were curled outward. Up to the end of the decade, flips were chin-length or longer.How To Do The Retro '60s Hair Styling Trick The Celebs Can't Get Enough Of  | British Vogue

  • Italian Curls

In the 1960s the Italian curls were with flowing fringe to cover the forehead, shorter sides and a high crown. Shapes that were oval, round, or anywhere in between enhanced the wearer’s beauty. Each style had varying levels of volume, with more volume being better.Marilyn Monroe hair (her 60's look) This makes me miss my short hair! |  Vintage hairstyles, Prom hairstyles for short hair, Short hair styles

  • Straight Bob

Straight hair was styled with a long, sweeping fringe pulled to the side and clipped to ear or chin length. Most ladies maintained them into the 1960s. The fact that clothes and hairstyles were evoking everything from the 1920s was beneficial.Hair - The Bob

  • Bouffant Hairdo

A bouffant was used in almost all other 1960s hairstyles at some point. Women employed ratting, often known as back-combing. The top layer was ratted, smoothed, sculpted, and held together with hairspray. Bouffant Hairstyles - Hairstyles Weekly

  • Beehive Hair

The beehive was the largest bouffant hairstyle popular in the 1960s. It was conical in shape, or “beehive” shaped that required padding. Few women created beehives at home because it required skill to do. Easy 60s beehive hairstyle for you to try this party season - Mirror Online

  • Mop Top Hairdo

The founding of the largest band in history may have occurred in the 1960s. A longer, messier cut known as a mop-top moved away from the fifties’ iconic, slicked-back hairstyles.

  • The Bombshell Hair

Another famous hairstyle from the 1960s decade was the bombshell hair. This hairstyle was in support of bringing equality between males and females. 

  • Vidal Sassoon Hair

One from the collection of a famous British hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. This hairstyle resembled the one from the afro haircut but was fuller in comparison to it.10 Best Vidal Sassoon Bob Haircuts | Bob-Hairstyle.Com

  • Hippie Hairdo 

Women in the 1960s started growing out their hair in long, untamed styles that directly contested the structured, glamorised aesthetics of earlier decades.

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