21 Trendiest Black Hair with Highlights Women Are Getting



Black hair with natural red highlights, purple highlights on black hair are one of the most assertive trends of the season. This hair tone expresses itself very well, especially on long and wavy hair.


How to highlight african american hair, you will make a lively and active start to the season with pink accents on a black hair background. This hair tone is perfect for asymmetrical and wavy bob models.


Black hair extensions with brown highlights, highlights express themselves very well, especially on black hair. Pink gray caramel purple red and yellow highlights are beautiful on black hair.


Black hair with blonde highlights extensions, purple, brown, yellow, white and red highlights are very popular this season, especially on medium hair. Suitable for use on straight, wavy and curly hair.


Black hair with highlights extensions, the double color application is the most remarkable styles of 2023. For this style, you can use the black yellow tone on your long hair.


Black hair with highlights wig, red highlights are quite stylish and assertive in her shiny black hair. The magic of red is the styles that make a name for themselves both as a single color and as an accent.


Black hair with gray highlights ideas, caramel highlights are quite attractive and stylish as an ombre on her black hair. You can easily use this elegance in long layered and wavy hairstyles, and you can increase the elegance to a higher level.


Images of black hair with highlights, we seem to hear you say if there are brown highlights on black hair. Yes, you can achieve a naturally stylish and feminine style with brown highlights on black hair.


Black hair with red ombre highlights, gray balayages are especially assertive in black hair tone. Gray hair tone has been used frequently by women in recent years, both as a single color and as ombre or balayage.


Black hair with red orange highlights, you can use yellow highlights in black hair tone this season. Light and dark tones create a perfect contrast in the hair.


Pictures of black hair with highlights, you can use gray hair tone in lob hair and black hair as an ombre. Gray ombre is most expressive in black hair tone.


Black hair with gold highlights, you can achieve a stylish style with natural and soft transitions on a black hair background. Soft transitions from black hair tones to browns and blondes are very stylish.


Black hair with yellow highlights, green hair tone is the style of women who cannot give up their marginal this season. The green hair tone is quite assertive as an accent on her black hair.


Black hair with ombre highlights, yellow glitters are assertive colors that add dimension and volume to the hair, especially in layered cuts on thin hair. You can intensify the yellow sparkles at the ends of your hair.


Black hair with copper highlights, medium length hair, which has been assertive in every hair structure in recent years, is even more stylish and modern with highlights. Black hair and yellow ombre make a statement with their naturalness in this model.


Black hair with dark brown highlights, purple hair is especially popular with young women. This hair hue is stylish and marginal on both straight, wavy and curly hair.


Black hair with caramel highlights and lowlights, you can create a marginal style with many hair tones instead of single color accents on a black hair background. Colorful highlights are very active on the black hair background.


Black hair with burgundy highlights, on a black hair background, you can apply highlights only on the front of your hair. This style frames your face perfectly and draws all the attention to the face.


Black hair with silver highlights underneath, you can look pretty cute and stylish with pink accents. Stylish complements to short, long, medium curly straight and wavy hair.


Black hair with red highlights curly, the double color application is the style that makes a name for itself this season on every hair length. The harmony of yellow and black is ideal for this style.


Black hair with some highlights, you can use your highlights all over your hair, or you can only use it on certain parts. Black hair floor and yellow highlights are marginal and stylish styles that you can draw inspiration from.

You can use many hair tones as an accent on the black hair background. Yellow gray red white purple blue green and pink tones are hair tones that you can use. The harmony of black and yellow is especially assertive in medium hair models. This tone is an elegant, marginal and assertive choice for dual color application. The gray hair tone is the style that has made a name for itself especially on the black hair background in recent years. Gray hair tone is the color that has peaked in recent years, both as an accent and as a single color.

Black Hair with Highlights

The purple-black harmony is the stylish complement of long-layered and wavy hairstyles. This model is at the forefront with its eye-catching stylish and sexy km. The red hair tone is stylish, modern and cool against a black hair background. You can give this hair tone a chance in asymmetrical pixie models. With its different and natural stance, you can use coffee highlights in black hair tone. In this style, naturalness is in the foreground. If you are going to use black hair tone on thin hair, you should definitely animate your hair with highlights. Each hair tone will add dimension and texture to your hair.

Highlighting is quite natural and soft styles. Especially when dark hair tones are emphasized with light tones, very stylish and striking styles emerge. Caramel ombres are stylish styles for women with dark skin tone with black hair. They are open to use in short, long or medium hairstyles. A black hair background fits perfectly as an accent to almost any hair tone. In black hair, both dark and light hair tones are assertive as accents.


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