Can You Dye Hair While Breastfeeding or Pregnant?


There are different opinions about dyeing hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding. According to clinical studies conducted in the laboratory, it has not been proven that hair dye harms pregnant women and babies at a high rate. However, there is no such thing as hair dye does not harm pregnant women. Hair dyes containing chemicals applied for hair care both during pregnancy and breastfeeding are not healthy. The skin contact and odor of hair dyes can adversely affect the expectant mother and her baby. It is considered to be inconvenient due to the additives contained in paint materials.

Expectant mothers who want to have their hair dyed during pregnancy should definitely discuss this issue with their doctor. It will be the right choice for them to act according to the doctor’s recommendation. It is important for them to use herbal and additive-free products after dyeing is decided. Hair care is not limited to just coloring the hair. Perm straightening and care treatments that you can apply to your hair are also not recommended during pregnancy. Chemicals are present in all of these processes.

According to some experts, it is argued that there is no harm in dyeing the hair after the first three months during pregnancy and lactation. There is an opinion that hair can be dyed with plant-based products that do not contain too many chemicals. During the use of herbal hair dyes, there is no chemical evaporation containing ammonia. On the contrary, these dyes contain hair strengthening and hair brightening oils. In general, hair dyes seem likely to harm the baby because they are produced from substances containing heavy chemicals. Experts do not recommend dyeing the hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless there is an obligation.

After the puerperium, women can dye their hair with herbal-based products. It is also a fact that, in no research so far, there has been no case of anomaly in the baby because he dyes his hair. Expectant mothers who want to hide their graying hair during pregnancy and have a bottom dye can do this with herbal hair dyes after the first three months of pregnancy.

Among the opinions that have emerged that the carcinogenic hair dye passes into breast milk and is affected by harmful conditions. According to some experts, it is common for breastfeeding mothers not to dye their hair and that the baby may face the risk of cancer. It is said that mothers should not use chemical hair dyes during breastfeeding, which they should be very careful about. Many experts accept and do not recommend that there is a risk of dyeing the hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy and lactation, chemicals such as hair dye and straightening are of the opinion that lymphoproliferative diseases can be seen in children at advanced ages. Nowadays, it is said that increases in cancer, asthma, allergies and hormonal disorders occur due to exposure to chemicals.

Expectant mothers who work in hairdressers should also spend this period as harmless as possible. In our opinion, the most risky mothers are pregnant women who work in hairdressers. Their situations and responsibilities to pay attention to are more than a normal expectant mother. If they have to work, the environment must be constantly ventilated. They must wear protective gloves and clothing. If necessary, they should wear masks. It would be right for them and their babies not to do their eating and drinking activities in this environment.

In general, if the expectant mothers do not pay attention to themselves during the pregnancy process, there will be as much health risk for the baby. Although there are different opinions about pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is the best choice to stay away from hair coloring for the first three months and then to do this with natural products.


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