Getting Inspired by Jennifer Aniston Haircuts For Medium Hair


Jennifer Aniston is a major haircut trendsetter across the globe. Shaggy hairstyles have been in trend for the last fifteen years just because Aniston brought them with a new tint. She makes a follower’s jaw drop with every appearance she makes on screen. Here are the 15 admirable and pleasant on-the-eyes Jennifer Aniston Haircuts For Medium Hair.  

  • Natural Waves

Jennifer Aniston has a naturally wavy and curly texture of hair that makes her hair look voluminous. To eliminate the frizz in her hair, she uses living-proof substances and products to make her hair manageable. 


  • Rachel Haircut

The haircut from the ‘Friends Edition,’ the romantic haircut, can make anyone look like a college girl. Similar to the shag haircut, it appears perfectly pretty of Aniston. However, she didn’t like it because of the high maintenance. 

  • Blonde Subtle Waves

When blonde and brown hair is contrasted, they look highly amazing and especially on beautiful faces like Jennifer Aniston’s. Dark brown at the roots and lighter on the tips add depth to the hair. 

  • Blonde Highlights With Sharp Layers

Medium-length straightened hair looks a similar version of Rachel from Friends. The subtle blonde highlights emphasize the layers. The angular layers aid in framing her face’s lower third. 

  • Long Layers

Another long hair goal win-win condition by Jennifer Aniston. She has short or medium-length hair, but her long hair is stunning! The feathered ends highlight the thick and silky quality of her hair.

  • Shag Haircut

Nobody aces layers as Jennifer Aniston does! The classic shag cut gets a modern update with this toned-down variation. Here the layers are flipped out; generally, her hair is straight.   

  • Natural Waves with Soft Layers

This hairdo is made up of contrasts. The top of Jennifer’s natural brunette hair lengthens the appearance of her face. This look has more style because of her straight hair and the light waves she added to it.

  • Blonde Long Bangs

The white-blonde highlights highlight Jennifer Anniston’s grey eyes, which are further brought out by the grey outfit and the heavy eyeliner. With this layered haircut, she radiates beauty. 

  • Frosted Layers

Jennifer Aniston owns another face-framing haircut. The haircut helps create a slimmer look for the face. Adding subtle highlights with some tint of frosted layers streamlines the jawline. 

  • Beach Waves

A haircut by Jennifer Aniston from a 2002 award show where she won the title of Best Supporting Actress. This time she was spotted in effortless beachy waves where she appeared wholesomely perfect. 

  • Classic French Fringe

The classic long french bob without bangs looked appealing on Jennifer Aniston. Her facial characteristics are shown well by the side part. The sharp tips highlight her collarbones, neck, and jawline.

  • Side Bangs with Silky Wavy Hair

The side-swept bangs are the ideal kind of bangs. They match your facial characteristics, cover broad cheeks, and work for all face types. The natural makeup and flowing waves make this haircut seem even more amazing. 

  • Heavy Wave Haircut

In her layered hair, Jennifer Aniston pops out and seems healthy when styled in loose, natural waves. Her facial form is complemented by the triangle shape made of layers.

  •  The Sleek Shag

Long sleek brunette haircut adorned by Jennifer Aniston looked amazing on her. The haircut helped her flaunt her facial features and gave a beautiful appearance to her face. 

  • Wispy Ends with Layers

To make your hair look smoother and more beautiful, you can get the Wispy-ended layered haircut done. Jennifer Aniston’s haircut was amazing and good for face framing. 

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