Hair Colors You’ll Be Asking For In 2023


Cold ashy gray hairstyles that have been in our lives for a long time seem to be used in the 2023 season. Gray hairstyles are very successful both in single color and ombre. For those who are a little bored with these colors, the transition period to warm colors has started. It seems that it will style the hair in 2023, especially in orange and dore hair colors.


The year 2023, when shiny and bushy hair is a trend, gives life to black colors that will complete this look. The blue and black hairstyles we have missed for a long time are also with us this season.

The two-color applied hair tones, which are mainly used in pixie and bob hairstyles and express themselves best in these models, are also up-to-date in the 2023 season. This application occurs especially with the application of an ashy tone on the front parts of the hair.

One of the most striking and trendy colors in hairstyles and haircuts of 2023 is caramel balayage. Perfect for wavy straight or curly hair, this color has warm undertones and bright highlights. This color, whose popularity is expected to increase this season, is quite assertive and active.

Natural looking brown hair tones are one of the most assertive colors of the 2023 season. The brown-on-yellow balayage that catches the harmony in all seasons is also remarkable with bright accents. The yellow, pink and platinum balayages used in the front bangs of dark brown tones will mark the season.

The hues in the vibrant, sexy and assertive red haircuts that stand out with their color tone are coming to work wonders in the 2023 season hair. Red hair color makes itself feel better especially in curly and wavy hair. It looks charming and distinguished on a dark skin.
Shiny hair, which is considered a trend for 2023, is applied by adding sparkles to those who do not want to apply warm tones directly. This application gives the necessary shine and healthy appearance to the hair.

Pink hair colors were among the style colors of 2023 with every shade. In the 2023 season, bright pink tones have prepared themselves for hair that will look perfect and cute.
A little note for the season. Sparkles, balayage, highlights, two colors application, highlights, neon and metallic hair tones, pastel colors and three-tone hair application, it seems that the season will leave itself to single color hair.




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