Hairstyles 00’s – 14+



Hairstyles 00’s, in the 2000s, it was quite fashionable to make twisted buns by taking mixed strands from the hair. These models, which were animated with hair accessories, were the favorite of young people.


Hairstyles quick and easy for school, in the early 2000s, saying that we are entering the Millennium era, the color tones in hair and make-up were metallic.


Hairstyles according to face shape, in the 2000s, women wore their hair, whether straight or wavy, with the upper part fixed back. It was a model where the face came to the fore.


Hairstyles receding hairline, the model in which the front and upper sides are knitted is also from the 2000s. All kinds of knitting styles were used in this model.


Hairstyles when balding, headbands reminiscent of the 70s also belong to the 2000s. These accessories, which were used in every hair with straight wavy short medium long hair, were very popular.


Hairstyles updos easy, are butterfly clips ever forgotten, which were frequently used in the early 2000s and late 90s? Every hairstyle had this accessory.


Hairstyles easy, one of the iconic hairstyles was quite used in headbands in the early 2000s. Every color and style, be it bohemian or printed, was very trendy.


Hairstyles jobs, short hairstyles, which are in the trendy hairstyles of every season, also exist in the 2000s. Models with very short front sides and asymmetrical and long backs are frequently preferred.


Hairstyles dyed, it cannot be said that it looks very natural, but this kind of balayage is quite fashionable in 2000s. Highlights made without opening on natural hair.


Hairstyles easy to do, retro and vintage hair can also be seen in the 2000s. The 2000s almost paint the image that everything old exploded.


Cute hairstyles, we also see hair accessories reminiscent of period styles in the 2000s. They are part of our lives.


Hairstyles half up, straight hair straightened with an iron is also from the 2000s. If you like straight hair, keep up with the trend.


Hairstyles lines, this mixed hairstyle, in which some strands are straight and some strands are wavy, is from the 2000s. Different look with different hair colors.


Hairstyles quick, here is another retro model we saw in the 2000s, toasted hair. You can apply it to all parts of the hair, as well as to certain parts of the hair.


Hairstyles near me, layered and outward blown hair is also one of the popular models of the 2000s. A feminine and stylish model that shows itself in long and medium long hair.


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