21 Most Popular Hairstyles for Long Faces ( Trends in 2023 )



Hairstyles for long faces women, according to most women, having a long face shape is a big chance. You can achieve stylish results with short, medium or long hairstyles that will balance your long face shape.


Hairstyles for long narrow faces, wavy hairstyles in the form of a long face are very ideal choices. Wavy models take the length of your face, giving you a perfect and stylish style.


What is the best haircut for oval face, you should not prefer medium separations in the form of a long face. Whichever hair length you use, side partings will be ideal choices for you.


What are the best hairstyles for round faces, hairstyles dominated by voluminous and large waves create a stylish balance on your long face. Voluminous hairstyles will make your face look wider.


Hairstyles for long faces, very short or very long hairstyles should not be used in the form of a long face. Very short or long hair models should not be preferred in the form of a long face.


Long weave hairstyles for long faces, bob hairstyles are styles that give great results on any face shape. In the long face shape, bob models are stylish, feminine and cool styles.


Hairstyles for long oval faces, wavy lob hairstyles are very successful in long face shape. Perfect for the dark blonde hair tone of the season.


Best hairstyles for long faces, long wavy hairstyles for long faces also give great results. Thanks to the loosely made waves, it collects all the attention on the hair.


Hairstyles for long fat faces, long bangs look very good to make the face look short. Thanks to the long bangs, a short look is provided on the face.


Long hairstyles for square faces over 50, side parting bob models are styles that will cover the forehead in a stylish way. It is easily preferred on straight, wavy and curly hair.


Hairstyles for long faces with bangs, layered and asymmetrical cuts are assertive in the long face shape. These models, which look quite voluminous and full, create a wide effect on the face.


Hairstyles for long thin faces, long hair models with bangs suit the long face shape very well. You can use these models in a natural hair tone, layered or straight.


Hairstyles for long faces thin hair, the way to make the long face shape look short is through long bangs. Long bangs will make the face appear shorter.


Hairstyles for long faces with thin hair, if you want to add depth to thin hair, you can achieve this with layered hairstyles. These models are an excellent stabilizer for most face shapes.


Hairstyles for long square faces, one of the most used models by women with long face type is medium hair. The wavy style is stylish, feminine and assertive on medium hair and with a side parting.


Most flattering hairstyles for over 60, a must for long faces are layered hairstyles. These models, which give the face a round appearance, give very good results in the long face shape.


Hairstyles for round face long hair, if you have long and straight hair, layered hairstyles will be the right choices for you. You are free to use bangs in these models or not.


Short natural hairstyles for long faces, one of the hairstyles that helps your face look wide is long and wavy styles. With its voluminous style, it gives the face a rounded style.


Curly hairstyles for long faces, you can use short, medium or long hairstyles for a long face. What you need to pay attention to in hairstyles is that the hair will look voluminous and full.


Short hairstyles for long faces over 60, wavy and long hairstyles are assertive in many face shapes with their feminine and sexy style. You can easily use these models in the form of a long face.


Low maintenance hairstyles for long faces, if you want to use short hairstyles in the form of a long face, you should make sure that the hair length is below the chin level. This size will work very well with this face shape.

You should not use extremely short hairstyles in the form of a long face. These models will make your face appear longer. If you want to use short hairstyles as a long face, you should make sure that the hair length is below the chin level. Very short hair length will make your face appear longer. Layered hairstyles are also assertive styles in long face shapes, as in most face shapes. Layered models round the long face with their voluminous style. Wavy hairstyles give a rounded appearance to the long face due to its fuller appearance. Wavy hairstyles show the same effect on every hair length. Asymmetrical hairstyles are also very successful with their stylish effect on the long face. Asymmetrical hairstyles are cool, voluminous and plump-looking styles.

Hairstyles for Long Faces

If you have a long face, wavy instead of straight use will be a balanced result. Layered cuts are also assertive in this model. If you are going to use the shoulder-length hairstyle on the long face, you can create an oval effect with wavy hairstyles. They are very popular styles in medium length hairstyles in recent years. Long face bangs are one of the most ideal models.

Thanks to the long and straight bangs, the long forehead structure is camouflaged. Layered lob bob and long hairstyles are very successful styles in showing the long face shape proportionally. You can get stylish results with these models in this face shape. Lob models, which have been very fashionable in recent years, are a perfect choice for a long face with a layered cut and wavy styling. These models combine comfort and elegance.


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