Hairstyles Vocabulary – 13+



Hairstyles vocabulary, The pixie hairstyle, which provides a lively, youthful appearance, is the choice of brave women.


Hairstyles vocabulary worksheet, Bob haircut is one of the hairstyles that suit every face shape, but it makes you look very stylish and cool with the best model for your face shape.


Hairstyles vocabulary english, A medium long hairstyle that will make you look very cool. It is easy to use and very trendy.


Vocabulary for hairstyles, Bun is a hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back from the face, twisted and braided into a circular bobbin that is used on the head, middle or neck.


Hairstyles vocabulary esl, In rope braiding, we first make a ponytail and divide our hair into two, then we twist and fix the end with a rubber. You can also make a bun if you want.


Types of hairstyles vocabulary, You can use the French braid hairstyle as an evening party or adapt it to the street style in your daily life.


Cute hairstyles for shoulder length hair, Your frizzy hair is prone to dryness and needs maintenance. For this, it would be appropriate to use shampoo, conditioner and hair styling.


Cute hairstyles for short hair black girl, Dreadlock, also known as dreadlocks, is a hairstyle obtained by braiding synthetic hair into your hair. It has no damage to hair and can be used for up to 3 months.


Cute hairstyles black, Mohawk hairstyle is a model of shaving the sides of your hair. It is known as the choice of bold, different, free-spirited and masculine women.


Cute hairstyles shoulder length hair, You can color gray hair, which is one of the most trendy hairstyles of recent times, with black, blue and lilac balayage.


Cute hairstyles with rubber bands, Afro hair wave is braided in thin strands with a braid technique similar to the fish back of the person’s own hair and ready-made wavy synthetic hair is added.


Cute hairstyles natural hair, African braids or box braids are an ancient and rooted art that has been passed down from generation to generation in Africa. Thanks to this braid, your hair will have an extraordinary look and will be ready.


Cute hairstyles down, Ponytail models that fit every occasion, look useful and stylish, are a very practical hairstyle that is often used in the office, sports and night parties.


Cute hairstyles with edges, Before we start applying the Egyptian braid, also known as the fishbone braid, we should use care oil so that it does not swell and become electrified. Then we have to make our knitting in the number and places we want and then fix it.


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