Hairstyles Without Weave – 13+



Braided hairstyles without weave, For an afro wave, your hair must be at least 8 centimeters. It has a persistence of 2-3 months. It does not harm your own hair.


Black braided hairstyles without weave, Twisted hair does not harm your hair and the usage period is 3 months. You can cut the twists at any time and open them yourself.


Black girl hairstyles without weave, Twists are a procedure performed with additional hair. It can take 6-7 hours to make. Your own hair color should be close to the tone of the twists to be made. You can also experiment with different colors.


Hairstyles without weave, During the making of Afro waves, you can determine the puffiness and density as you wish.It can be washed with a diluted menthol shampoo twice a week and it is creamed abundantly except for the bottoms.


Cute black girl hairstyles without weave, If you are looking for a difference in your hair that you have never tried, you can try the twist twist model. Do not doubt it will look very good.


Black hairstyles without weave, The best advantage of the twist model is that your hair is always ready. Your hair does not deteriorate and you do not have to worry about doing your hair.


Natural braided hairstyles without weave, You can use your twisted hair with open, half bun, double bun and ponytail models. The choice is entirely up to you and your imagination.


Black girl braided hairstyles without weave, With your long and medium twisted hair, you can get a very stylish top bun as in the model. It will be a model that you can be comfortable especially in summer.


Natural hairstyles without weave, For those who want to look very crazy and marginal, these types of twists are a great choice. Stylish yet cute.


Protective hairstyles without weave, In order for you to make a twist, your hair should not be below the shoulder level and the ends should not be blunt. It is a process with additional hair and the process starts from the bottom.


Little girl hairstyles without weave, Twisted hair is a model that suits every face type. You can get very long iconic ponytails as you can grow your hair as long as you want.


Cute hairstyles without weave, In the auger model, you can adjust the thickness of your augers to the desired thickness. The result will be perfect in any way.


Protective hairstyles for natural hair without weave, Twirl hairstyles are a different model in their own right. For those who want to make even more difference, you can apply color as shown in the model.


Hairstyles for relaxed hair without weave, If you are looking for a little rest for your medium hair and a practical use in your hair, twist twists are just the models you are looking for. It is a model that will win everyone’s appreciation with its very stylish and stylish stance.


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