Here Are 10 Rules For Getting A Haircut You Really Love


In order to have a haircut that you can love, you need to research some issues and pay attention to some rules. If we examine these rules in 10 articles;

Your face shape takes the first place. In order to make the most suitable haircut for yourself, you must know your face shape. Not every hairstyle gives the same result for every face shape. If we look briefly at face shapes in general, round and layered hairstyles on square face will be appropriate. Short and medium hair lengths are ideal. Layered cuts should not be preferred on the round face. Straight and blunt cuts are ideal for this face. The oval face shape can use almost any hairstyle. It is the most ideal and balancing form. If you have a triangular face shape, whether your hair is short or long, side parting models are ideal models for you.

Hair colors take the second place. The most suitable hair tones for your skin color will show you cool and stylish as you are. Skin colors are divided into hot and cold. Cold skins are white and light colors, warm skins are brown and wheat tones. You can also find skin tones in vein colors. If your veins are green and brown, it means warm, and if your veins are blue and purple, you have a cool skin tone. Black and red tones are ideal for dark skin. Platinum and yellow tones are ideal hair tones for wheat skin. The result is excellent if white skins prefer red and caramel tones.

In the third row is the hair structure. Haircut according to your hair structure will give you the perfect result. Ladies with thin hair should prefer layered and medium haircuts. The expected result is met if women with thick hair prefer straight and blunt cut models.

Hair separation is in the fourth place. Correct hair separation in your haircut will bring you to the right result. Hair partitions should also be adjusted according to the face shape. Ladies with a round face can use both the middle and side parting model. Oval face shape can prefer both middle and side parting as well as round face. Side parting is ideal on the triangle face. Deep side parting should be used on the shape of the heart. If it is a rectangular face shape, if the middle parting is used with bangs, the face shapes will be balanced.

Fifth place is hair length. Should you prefer a long hairstyle or a short hairstyle on your face. It would be appropriate to know the answer to this and apply the haircut accordingly. If you have a long and thin face, you should stay away from straight cuts and long hairstyles. This will make your face appear longer. Medium and short hairstyles are ideal for you. If you have a round and wide face shape, you can choose long straight or wavy hairstyles. Short hairstyles best suit women with an oval face shape. Long hairstyles are ideal for triangular and angular faces.

In the sixth place, healthy and shiny hair should take place. Healthy and shiny looking hair is also very important for a haircut that you can love and never give up. In order for your hair to look shiny, you must have a healthy scalp. Using the right products is important for a healthy scalp to remove split ends on time. Hair care is never neglected.

It would not be bad to lose the seventh place in weight. Haircut according to your weight will get you to the model you are looking for. Haircuts can make the person look slimmer or fatter than they are. Overweight women should pay attention to some criteria when choosing a haircut. Haircut is very important in haircuts. In short, medium or long hairstyles, they should not neglect the bangs. They should stay away from bangs and layered cuts. They should choose models that will make the face look elongated.

Eighth is the size. Your height is also very important in haircuts. If you have a very long neck, you should not choose straight and long hair models. Very short hairstyles will not be suitable for you either. Very short haircuts create a stone look with your long neck. For this reason, medium length and bob style hairstyles are the most ideal hair models for you.

In the ninth place is the lifestyle. It is ideal for women with a busy schedule to prefer medium and short hair models. Because these models are very practical and comfortable in terms of both maintenance and use. We can call them effortless elegance.

We give the last place to hairdressers and stylists. Hairdressers are very important in haircuts. A professional, hygienic environment and good communication are the expectations of a lady from her hairdresser. You are very lucky if you have a good hairdresser.


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