How And Why Your Hair Texture Changes As You Age


Aging is inevitable on the hair as well as on the skin. Due to aging, our hair will change over time. The most visible change occurs in hair color. As we age, our hair changes gradually as we age. As we age, the most obvious and known hair change in our hair is the graying of the hair color. There are several factors that cause this. First of all, the most common cause is of course genetics. Stress unhealthy nutrition, heavy lifestyle, insomnia and serious diseases are effective in graying and graying hair. Hair becomes gray after a certain age due to the decrease in melanin production and this means protein-free hair. It is scientifically said that 50% of people will have gray hair after the age of 50. Body hair turns gray after scalp hair. Although the issue of graying on the hair is uncomfortable for both women and men, there is no escape. As we age, the pigments that give the hair its color decrease and the hair turns gray.

Another change that occurs in the hair as we age is the thinning of the hair. The reasons for this are primarily the density of the hair decreases. As the hair grows, it grows thinner. As a result of researches, it has been observed that women’s hair grows thinner after the age of 40. After the age of 50, hair strands become thinner and hair loss occurs in women. this does not depend on your hairstyle. As the person lives, the hair becomes thinner and shed at a certain rate. Whether or not there is a predisposition to androgenetic hair loss, this process depending on age is called miniaturization. As a result, the hair falls out and the number of hair follicles decreases. Androgenetic hair loss occurs later in women.

A single hair lives for about 5 years. The growth rate of hair varies depending on the processes applied to the hair, the chemicals used, weather conditions and environmental conditions. Over time, hair follicles produce fine hairs or not at all. By the age of 60, two-thirds of men experience significant hair loss. In general hairstyles and haircuts, this change only saves time. This is known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Typically, the hair starts to disappear from the crown area. In women, vitamin deficiency and some health conditions are shown.

Hair loss can have many different reasons. Seasonal changes, stress, hormonal changes,
Genetic factors, menopause, thyroid hormones and unhealthy diet are among these reasons. The cause of hair loss should be found and a solution should be sought accordingly. As the age progresses, the hair loses its former thickness and breaks more quickly. In order to prevent hair loss in this process, we should eat healthy, stay away from stress as much as possible, protect hair from chemicals, do sports, do not smoke, and we should not neglect the routine care of our hair. Chronic diseases such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure are among the factors that cause hair loss and decrease.

Eczema, fungal bacterial infections and dandruff that occur on the scalp are also factors that cause hair to decrease. With the thinning of the hair, the hair loses its volume. This problem is more common in women because they apply too many treatments to their hair. Hair is damaged due to the processes applied to the hair, it becomes dull and broken. The breakage in the hair is also due to the decrease in the protein level. Hair products containing protein will give good results in solving this problem. Hair grows more slowly as you age. Hair growth rate slows down in the middle of the living phase and goes into a resting period. This means that the scalp may not be as successful in hair making as before. Products that nourish the hair from the bottom can bring the growth rate to normal levels.

The presence or absence of our hairstyles can deeply affect us both emotionally and psychologically. It is possible for us to take precautions against changes in our hair as we age. For example, when our hair turns gray, we can color them with permanent dyes. There are many products available to remove the effects of aging on hair. These are moisture-binding and smooth-looking creams. In addition, products that protect against UV rays are available on the market, and with these products, we can prevent some problems in our hair.
There is no cure for baldness today. Some treatments encourage hair growth and can stop hair loss. Hair transplantation is an expensive solution that requires many treatments. However, in hair transplantation, the results are permanent and the desired result is achieved.



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