How to Do a Messy Bun Even if Your Hair Is Short and Thin


Just because our hair is short doesn’t mean we can’t make a bun. We can also make great bun models on our thin wire and short hair. The messy bun hairstyles are the models that show the hair generally voluminous. Your thin strands will not look dull and voluminous thanks to the messy bun model.


You can make curls with mousse and tongs on your thin-stranded, dull and voluminous hair, and then apply the bun. This hairstyle will add enough volume to your hair. It is an ideal choice for both your daily life and special events.

In your thin hair, bangs will also add extra volume to your hair. Using the crepe technique, you can make a stylish and modern bun by gathering your short hair scattered after adding volume to the hair. You can also choose wavy hair instead of using your thin hair straight. Wavy hair are always voluminous models.

One side bun hairstyle is also very cool and voluminous models. The ideal hairstyle you can use on thin and short hair is the side scattered bun models. Layered models will give better results than straight models in thin hair.

Short hairstyles are very popular in recent years. Gather your courage and keep up with this popularity. Having short hair is not an obstacle to trying different hairstyles. You can often use messy bun models in your short hair. You should try the most preferred half messy bun models in street fashion right now. Shabby and messy models are very trendy lately.

Another bun model that you can use on your short hair is the messy double bun models. These cute and stylish models are ideal for young women. These models, which look like a lot of work but are made very simply and quickly, are really eye-catching. Spray and wire buckles are your biggest helpers in obtaining these models. This kind of messy bun is almost effortless chic.

The best way to capture the volume in the hair is to collect the hair loose and shabby. After applying crepe, making a messy bun. This kind of messy buns are very stylish, sexy and feminine looking models. For thin strands and short hair, instead of tight bun models, loose and messy buns are spot decisions. Practical fun and at the same time energetic. Ombre hair is also an extra application for a voluminous look. You can easily apply messy bun models in bob or lob hairstyles. So you can create cool stylish and modern hairstyles.


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