25+ Gorgeous Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts You can try



How to get a wavy bob, one of the most stylish and natural hairstyles that will encourage women who do not dare short hairstyles is long bob models. These models impress with their feminine, elegant and assertive style.


Lovely for African American

Long wavy bob with side bangs, if you have a round face shape, you can perfectly balance your face with a medium parting and wavy lob model. Thanks to this model, your face will look long and thin.


Flawless inverted bob

Long wavy bob black hair, bob models, which have been seen everywhere in recent years, are the favorite models of all women with their elegance and ease. These models are almost effortless elegance.


Outstanding naturally wavy hair

Long curly bob hairstyles, bob models, known as long bob models or long bob models, are models that adapt perfectly to almost any face shape. You can use this hairstyle with a middle or side parting in any face shape.


The perfect angled bob

Long bob wavy hair with bangs, bob models, in which femininity and elegance come to the fore, give magnificent results in every hair structure. You can easily choose it for medium thick or thin hair.


A remarkable sew-in bob

Long wavy bob, bob hairstyles fit perfectly in a square triangle or diamond face shape. It works wonders on hair with its straight, wavy or curly style.


Fabulous bob for black hair

Long wavy bob with bangs, wavy hairstyles are always feminine, stylish and assertive models. Curls are more elegant and impressive in medium hair, such as the bob hairstyle.


Long wavy bob haircut, bob models will also give very good results on oval faces that fit perfectly with every hairstyle. Wavy usage is very sexy on this face.


Wonderful for thin hair

Long wavy bob hairstyles, you can choose bob hairstyles with or without bangs. You will have the opportunity to frame your face perfectly with wavy and fringe lob models.


Outstanding wavy blonde bob

Long wavy bob with layers, medium length hairstyles, which suit women with round and wide face shapes, are one of the most assertive models of the season. This hairstyle in the form of a round face will give better results using a medium parting.


Beautiful wavy lob with fringe

Long wavy bob thin hair, one of the models that you can use in the shape of a heart face is the bob models. In this face shape, you are free to choose this model with or without bangs.


What is a inverted bob, if you have a pointed chin structure, you should prefer the bob models with layers starting from the chin level. You can revive the model by curling the ends of the hair.


Long bob natural wavy hair, if you are very tall, you should avoid very short or very long hairstyles. The ideal hair length for very tall ladies is medium hair.


Amazing blunt bob

Long bob wavy hair round face, you can choose models with bangs. In this model, wavy use will provide a perfect look.


How to cut a wavy bob, you can look feminine, sexy and stylish with a side part bob model. The wavy style lob models offer a nostalgic and retro look.


Perfect for thick wavy hair

Long wavy inverted bob, bob models are models that can handle any hair color very well. A wavy and ombre bob model is very attractive and eye-catching.


Bob for a round face

Natural wavy long bob, before trying a new and different hairstyle, the most ideal model for your face shape will always give you good results. Lobe hairstyles catch the perfect harmony in every face shape.


Fantastic side parted lob

Long wavy bob wig, you can get a nostalgic and feminine style by trying yellow tones in the bob model. This model will express itself very well in side parting and wavy use.


Trend wavy bob with side bangs

Long a line bob wavy hair, you will have a very cool hairstyle with side parting light hair tone and bob models in thin wire hair. The wavy handling is quite good in this model.


Long inverted bob wavy hair, natural brown tones are one of the most assertive colors of the 2021 season. You can have gorgeous hair by combining natural browns with wavy lob models.


Layered bob

Wavy long bob tutorial, lob hairstyles have been very popular and preferred by all women in recent years. bob models that do justice to every face shape and every hair tone can be great choices for you too.


Stunning long wavy bob with on brunette hair

Long bob wavy hair blonde, if you are looking for a modern and youthful look in your hair before summer, bob models can be ideal choices for you. Lobe models, which you can use at any age, are also very stylish with their wavy use.


Fantastic a-line bob

Long curly graduated bob, lob models are models that always look perfect with their straight, wavy or curly style. These models, which are also very practical for working women, are shaped in a very short time.


One eye-catching graduated bob

Long wavy asymmetrical bob, if you are complaining about your hair looking dull, you can always make your hair look cool and voluminous with a wavy and medium length hairstyle. Perfect for fine and medium hair.


Soft wavy bob with bangs

Long curly bob with fringe, side parting, wavy and medium length hairstyles, which are among the most assertive hairstyles of recent times, are the saviors of every environment. They make you very comfortable in your daily life and special events.


Beach ready asymmetrical bob

Long wavy bob with fringe, medium parting and wavy lob hairstyles do justice to the round face shape. This model creates an illusion on the round face, providing a slim and long look.

Bob models are stylish feminine nostalgic trend cute and retro models that give very good results in every face shape. Thanks to bob models, you can create many styles. The bob models that you can choose for thin wire hair will look very cool and voluminous with their wavy and folded styles. You can put an end to dull-looking hairstyles thanks to lob models.
You can help your face look thinner and longer by using bob models in the shape of a round face with medium separation and wavy.

Gorgeous Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts You can try

The wavy fringes on her cheeks will make her face look slimmer. Bob hairstyles fit perfectly with any hair color. The striking colors of the season look flawless in this wavy and medium length hairstyle. Thanks to asymmetrical lob models, you can have a very modern hairstyle. Asymmetric lob models are perfect examples for thin, medium and thick hair. In the 2021 season, messy look shabby hairstyles are very trendy models. You can create magnificent styles by using the bob models that have become a trend every season, scattered this season. You can choose bob models with bangs, straight, wavy, curly, asymmetrical and layered. It will create wonders in your hair with the most ideal style for your face shape.

Long Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Bob models are neither long nor short medium length hair. You can create very stylish models by using bulk or semi-bulk models in these hair. You should give a chance to the savior bob models of every environment. Bun braids or ponytail models are also styles that you can use in bob hairstyles. Braids give great results on this hair length. Especially when the Galaxy knobs, which are preferred by young girls, are combined with lob models, the result is quite cute and perfect. Perfect choices for daily life and school.


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