Square Face Short Haircut – 14+



Short haircuts for square face, faces with a square forehead and chin structure and wide cheekbones are considered a square face shape. An angular appearance is dominant on square faces.


Short haircut for square face shape, the square face shape is quite wide in appearance. Strong jaw lines are the features that make them stand out. They draw attention with their look.


Best short haircut for square face female, you can opt for a bob with deep side parting and asymmetrical bangs on the square face. In this model, you will be balanced by drawing attention to one side.


Square face shape short hairstyles, when choosing a hairstyle for your square face, you should consider emphasizing the square of your face and softening the jawline.


Short haircut square face shape, if you have a square face shape, you can choose a side parting and an angled bang in your model. You can use the pattern wavy or straight.


Square face short curly hairstyles, you should choose straight hairstyles to draw your eyes down on your square face and make your face look long. Straight models are pretty good at this.


Best short haircut for square face shape, you should avoid extreme killers and thick bangs on your square face shape. Because these models will emphasize the angles in your face even more.


Square face short haircuts, you should avoid curly curls on your square face. Curls will show your wide face even wider.


Short haircut thin hair square face, if you have a square face shape, you should prefer to leave your hair loose wavy or straight. These are the ideal models for you.


Short haircut for square face female 2019, you can use natural loose waves in a square face shape. Your waves will look gorgeous on bob or lob models.


Short haircut for square face girl, if you have a square face shape, you can soften the sharp frame of your face with the side parting model. The side parting close to the middle is ideal.


Short bob haircut for square face, you can balance the angles of your square face shape with a hairstyle that is close to the middle and with a long bang. Make sure that the separation is not too deep, this will make your look even sharper.


Short haircut for asian square face, angular and sharp face shapes always make you look effortless and attractive. You should prove your charm with side parting pixie models on square face.


Short haircut for square face thick hair, if you have a square face shape, instead of thick bangs, bangs will look more elegant and beautiful on you.


Short haircut style for square face, you can use lob hairstyles on a square face with or without bangs. This hair length is ideal for angular and sharp lines.


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