Tempting Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Long Hair To Try In 2023


Blonde hair is beautiful in its manner as they are rare to see. People residing in the western region tend to have more blondes than people in other parts. To add a more tempting appearance, you can add shades of Blonde. This blog will disclose eight bewitching Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Long Hair. You can try these fantastic hair blonde hair color combinations in 2023. 

  • Strawberry Blonde Color

Seize the eye-pleasing copper moment you were waiting for. The strawberry blonde hair color can make people stare at you in the crowd. The color is targeted on the crown region, elevating the overall hair appearance and making it look appealing. Many celebrities are giving impressive hair color goals by getting their locks colored strawberry blonde. 


  • Buttercream Blonde Color

When you want to bring a bit of yellowish-gold color to your hair, do not want them too yellow. This is when buttercream blonde steps in. You can call it a perfect choice. Again most celebrities and influencers are giving major grails of hair coloring. This hair color adds elevation to the dimension and movement of hair. 

  • Frosted Cream Blonde Color

Frosted cream is a delightful hair color idea that looks amazing on every skin color, whether warm, pale, or light. It is a particular hair color that demonstrates a bright shiny, and icy flattering appearance. You can pick this color if you are heading on vacation to the beach or a tropical destination. Another benefit of such hair color is that it is affordable to maintain but looks like an expensive addition. 

  • Champagne Blonde Color

An idea from the list of blondes that is not a blonde color is what is known as Champagne blonde hair color. The color is fully tinted with a soft pearl-like shade, and stylists add a hue of light pink and golden. As per beauty and hair experts, this hair color is perfect for people who want to mix several colors. The shade also represents the clumsy personality. 

  • Grainy Blonde Color

This color is perfect for people who want to keep their blondes a little lowkey. People with Grainy Blondes know that the color looks beautiful on any skin color and hair type. So we can say that ‘Grainy Blonde is blonde without the tint of yellow.’ It goes best with natural, little-ashy bases, lighter tips, and darker roots. 

  • Turmeric Blonde Color

Light yellow has become a go-to hair hue for most celebrities and social media stars. However, Turmeric blonde is one of the most done hair colors by the famous singer Billie Eilish. You can keep this hair color either lighter or darker in the shade. Such blonde shades add warmth and positivity to the whole personality. 

  • Rooted Blonde Color

Get a beautiful hair color by playing the contrast game with highlights and lowlights of caramel shades. The rooted blonde color brings additional depth to your natural hair. This hair color is quite an illusion of how it brings fullness due to darker roots. To become a stylish brunette without paying much attention to hair, trying getting the rooted blonde hair color. 

  • Walnut Blonde Color

Walnut Blonde color is the blonde and creamy hair texture all at once. The shade perfectly balances the rich and golden blonde hair color. It is not too blonde but is visibly noticeable. 

These were the trending eight Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Long Hair that can add subtle hues to your original blondes. To read more related information, visit Trendiem.   


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