What should be considered when choosing short hair?


Our hair is one of the most important elements that make us look beautiful. In order for a woman to look beautiful and attractive, haircuts suitable for her face shape, age and hair structure will give the best results. Short haircuts in hairstyles have been preferred recently. A correct haircut will give you an aesthetically modern and stylish look. If you have decided to have your hair cut, you should perform this job in expert and professional hands.

Short hairstyles are models that are cut at shoulder level and above the hair. It should be preferred especially by women with oval and round faces. Short haircuts should not be preferred by women with wide faces as they will make the face look wider. Hair length should not be kept too short on straight hair and wide face. Very short hairstyles look more fluffy than on this face and hair structure and there is no beautiful result.

Asymmetrical haircuts should not be preferred by women with long and thin face shapes. Women with thick strands and fluffy hair should balance their hair by using scissors in their haircuts. Thanks to the scissors, the hair is thinned a little more and the fluffiness is reduced. The color of the hair and the shape of the cut are important in hair beauty. The most important point in determining the haircut is the shape of the face. Every woman has tried or wants to try a short hairstyle at least once in her life. But it is also a fact that short hair models are models that require courage.

With a method known as the 2.25 rule, you can find out whether short hairstyles will suit you. This method, which is also used by stylists, will give you the right results. All you have to do is keep the ruler straight from the level of the earlobe and mark the end of the chin. If the result is shorter than 5.5 cm, short hairstyles will suit you. If it is longer than 5.5 cm, you should not choose short haircuts.

We should see short hairstyles as a lifestyle rather than as fashion. They are preferred because they are both practical and easy to use and maintain. Especially, they are the most ideal models that business women can prefer in their busy work pace. When it comes to short hairstyles, we shouldn’t think of just one model. There are many types of short hairstyles that are more cool than the other, modern and stylish.

Women with a round face line should prefer short hair models over wavy curly and voluminous models. Thus, the hair will not stay behind the face and will stand out. You can choose pixie and bob models on your round face. Women with long and rectangular face shapes should pay attention to equal pixie models on all sides and should not shorten the sides too much. While short hair models are preferred on a square face, round cuts should be preferred. Thus, the angular face is balanced with a round haircut. Round cut will also be good for you in the bangs model.

Bob hairstyles, which entered our lives in the 1920s and have managed to become a trend every season since then, are most suitable for triangle and oval face shapes. It is more ideal to use wavy on oval face. Banged bob models are also highly preferred with their cool and easy use.It suits almost every face shape. Long bangs should be preferred for narrow forehead structure and micro wide forehead structure. If you want the hair to look cool in bob or lob haircuts, you can achieve this by placing the weight in one direction with a side parting.

Pixies, one of the most popular hairstyles of recent years, look very modern in light hair tones. It is the choice of brave, self-confident and free women. If you like shabby and natural hairstyles, pixie models are just for you. They are the models that can suit almost any shape.

Bulk short hairstyles are the models that gained popularity in the 90s. Blunt hairstyles, which give a dynamic and energetic look, best suit women with a triangular face. They are practical and modern looking styles. You can easily choose bulky hairstyles for straight, wavy or curly hair. Bulk hairstyles can create a feminine, cute, rebellious, sassy, ​​edgy and nostalgic style when it comes to the place. Types are applications that give great results in this section.

Ladies who like to be marginal and masculine can try mohawks and shaved hairstyles.
Women with thin hair should also prefer layered cuts in short hairstyles. With layered cuts, they can give their dull and voluminous hair a cool look. A light hair tone and an asymmetrical cut will give your hair fullness. Layered hairstyles go well with long and oval faces.




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