Which Hairstyles Can I Do In 5 Minutes?


Stylish and practical hairstyles are models that have a savior role in women’s lives. Especially working women should choose hairstyles that can lighten the morning tempo. We can create wonders in our hair with practical, cool, stylish and easy models for both short and long hair. The braids, buns and semi-collection models that we can apply on our hair in a very short time are both very stylish and simple to make. We can try classic herringbone and rope braids on both our open and bulk hair. In the ponytail and bun models, braids give very spectacular results. We can give our hair a nostalgic air by using braids as a crown.


Buns are also great styles that can be applied in a very short time. Bun haircuts create wonders in our hair with their top, middle neck, side scattered and tight styles. We can also choose the buns as donuts or bows. If you want a very practical and different hairstyles, you can knit your horsetail in herringbone.

Short hairstyles are very practical and comfortable models. However, there are very practical and stylish styling for women who cannot give up long hair. There have been times when most women do not even want to comb their hair from time to time. At such times, effortless elegance is reflected on the hair with gorgeous hairstyles that will not look like red carpet elegance.


With mousse and gel, you can get that perfect beach waves model by removing the natural wave of your hair in a very short time. Half-gather hairstyles are also a way to elevate the hair. You can also choose your beach waves as a semi-batch. You can create wet-looking hairstyles with sprays that give your hair a shiny look. You can use the wet look model on both your short, medium and long hair. According to your face shape, you should make middle side or back shaping.

The horsetail model is one of the models that almost every woman uses very often. Excellent results in a very short time are the main reasons for choosing this model. You can choose a tight or loose ponytail, and it is recommended to be used loose for daily use and for special events. You can choose the ponytail model as the top, normal neck, single pair or single side. You can create quite stylish and striking models by combining different knitting haircuts with ponytails.

Half hairstyles are also very popular. You can create magnificent styles by combining these models with knitting or galaxy donuts. Open to use on wavy straight or curly hair.
Bob hairstyles are always one of the models that have a place in our lives. It is a highly preferred and loved model by women. The biggest factor to be loved is that it is effortless elegance. You can style your bob hair in great styles in a very short time.
You can combine your hair models that you have formed in a practical and short time with hair accessories. Stylish and colorful hairpins, bands, crowns and scarves are your greatest helpers that make sense of your hair.


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