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Trendy Brunette Hair Color Ideas and Shades

Dark brown, chocolate brown, chestnut black and blue black hair colors are the most suitable hair tones for women with dark skin. If you have a dark skin tone and are still thinking of a light hair tone, you might want to consider honey brown.

Honey brown and caramel tones will look perfect on dusky skin. These colors, which are also preferred by celebrities with dark skin, should be your choice. You can also use shades of white gray and beige on dark skin. These hair tones will also be in perfect harmony with your skin. Red tones are also the colors you can use in this skin color, but you should stay away from the red copper tone.

If you are looking for a noble, eye-catching and assertive hair color for your dark skin, your choice should be black. Black hair looks amazing on dark skin. In general, there is a perception that dark-skinned people should stay away from blond hair tones. However, brown-skinned ladies can also capture the contrast between honey-blonde hair tone and dark-skinned skin.

In the summer, the most ideal hair tone you can use on your dark skin is auburn colors. Especially ashy brunettes are in perfect harmony with your skin and offer a natural look.

With a crazy and marginal personality, you can also choose blue, red and gray tones in your dark skin. The hairstyles you can use on dark skin are long-layered models dominated by black, brown, honey foam and auburn colors.


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