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  Blonde Hair Color Ideas, Models and Tips

        Being a blonde hair color is the dream of most ladies. Yellow hair tone is considered to be the sexiest feminine and stylish color. For most women, dyeing their hair blonde is an important and courageous decision.

     There are many shades of blonde hair color. Platinum blonde, ocher, ice blonde, ashy blonde, silver blonde, caramel blonde, baby blonde, ombre blonde and dirty blonde tones are some of the shades of blonde hair color.

    Yellow hair tones best suit fair skin women. White and wheat skinned ladies get the perfect look with blonde hair tones. Purple shampoos are shampoos that eliminate unwanted orange and red reflections on the hair. It is recommended to use purple shampoo for light hair tones. It gives an ashy appearance especially to blonde hair tones.
     Ombre and balayage are also sparkles that you can use on your blonde hair and will provide excellent results no matter what hairstyle. Hairstyles and hair colors gain more meaning with ombre.

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