What Causes White Hair at a Young Age and What You Can Do About It


One of the reasons for graying hair may be the pressure of success. The desire to be successful in school and business life negatively affects the mood. This may cause the hair to be whitened at a young age. Regardless of hairstyles, hair graying can be encountered in any model. Academicly successful students want to achieve the same success during their university years and their expectations are also a reason. In addition, according to a study on this subject, it was determined that female students feel more responsible for success.

The loss of melanin in the hair occurs especially after the 30s. Melanin gives the color of the hair. Melanin is produced in the melanocyte cells in the hair root. If these cells die or cannot produce melanin, the hair starts to lose color and turn white.

Constant stress and anxiety affect the stem cells, leading to premature hair graying. Sleep problems, anxiety, anorexia, high blood pressure are the causes of chronic stress.
There is no evidence to support the return of pigmentation after stress is reduced in cases such as hair graying from stress. Regular sports are also a helpful factor in reducing stress in all matters. This effect is also seen in short haircuts.

Medical conditions such as anemia also cause premature graying of the hair. Ottoimmune is when the body’s immune system attacks its own cells and can cause pigment loss. Anemia problem should be investigated, especially if there is a hair graying problem during childhood and adolescence.

How does it affect hairstyles?

Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the biggest causes of hair whitening at a young age. It also causes hair thinning and shedding. For this, consuming eggs, meat, salmon and tuna in the diet gives good results. Sometimes it interacts faster with some models in short haircuts and other hairstyles.  B12 supplements can be used. Vitamins A, C and E are also important in hair health. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause hair whitening in children. When vitamin B12 deficiency disappears, hair can regain its natural color. This is a possibility, not necessarily.

Is hair graying genetic?

Thyroid problems affect the hair from root to tip. If you experience graying, breakage and oily hair, this is due to the thyroid not working properly. An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause the body to produce less melanin.

Genetic predisposition is another cause of hair whitening. According to dermatologists, our genetic codes are the determining factor in hair whiteness. If someone in your family has experienced this situation, you are likely to experience it too. You cannot change your genetics, but if you are uncomfortable with your white hair, you can dye them.

Not eating healthily and consuming junk food is one of the causes of premature graying of hair. Cabbage, almonds, broccoli and carrots are good for hair. In addition, it is necessary to focus on vegetable consumption, especially green leafy ones. Water consumption is also very important for our hair.

Chemical products and harmful hair dyes are also among the factors that cause premature graying of your hair. The harmful chemicals in these products reduce the level of melanin and cause the hair to lose its natural color. You should stay away from curling irons and hair dryers as much as possible. In addition, hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the amino acid methionine that makes up the hair and degrades the necessary substance for the black color of the hair. Hair comes out naturally white.

Smoking also has an effect on early hair graying. Smoking decreases blood flow in hair follicles and constricts blood vessels. In this direction, the hair follicles are negatively affected and may not give the hair color.

According to a study, if the graying of the hair is due to genetic reasons and aging, it is impossible to return the hair to its natural color. In a situation related to the thyroid, re-pigmentation may occur after hormone therapy. You should also protect your hair from the harmful effects of sunlight.

You can use various dyes on the market to cover the whites in your hair. However, since these contain chemicals, you can get rid of whites at home with natural methods.
Regularly massaging your hair with coconut oil will prevent it from turning white. This oil is 30 minutes. it should be kept in the hair. It will also reduce hair fractures. Almond oil, olive oil, and mustard oil are also good for hair. As a result, no matter what we do, it is not possible to permanently restore the grayed hair.

White hair best conceals ashy brown, blond and tones. These hair tones and platinum ombre work well for graying hair.






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