Where Did Hairstyles Originate – 14+



Where did mohawk hairstyle originated, geisha hairstyle is a part of Japanese culture. Curls are characterized by the use of fancy accessories.


Where did hairstyle originated, the most important hairstyle of the Egyptians is definitely that of Cleopatra. For special occasions, gold powder fresh flowers and crown with stones were used.


Where did hairstyles originate, mohawk hairstyle comes from indigenous tribes in America. They are traditional braids with Native American style.


Where did the afro hairstyle originated, afro wave is a hairstyle that comes from Africa. It has spread all over the world and is still used.


Where did the hairstyle dreadlocks come from, rasta hair is distributed around the world from Ethiopia. It is the hairstyle of marginal women with its different appearance.


Where was hairstyle originated, box braids are also African-origin hairstyles. It can be applied in desired thickness and thickness.


Where did the hairstyle cornrows originate from, it is the traditional hairstyle that African indigenous women started to use from an early age. Today, it is used by brave ladies who love to be different.


Where did cornrow hairstyle originated, cornrows hairstyle is also a hairstyle that spread from Africa to the world. It is the process of adding synthetic hair to your own hair.


Where did waves hairstyle originate, pompadour hairstyle has been distributed around the world from France. It is the process of shaving the long sides and back of the hair on the top.


Short hairstyles, the sesson hairstyle was invented by the British barber Vidal Sassoon in the 60’s. A geometric and rounded contour is given to the hair. It is applied on short, medium and long hair.


Cute hairstyles, Rachel’s hairstyle, portrayed by the famous American actress Jennifer Aniston in the TV series “Friend”, was used by many women in the 80s.


Hot hairstyles, pixie hairstyle are hairstyles that spread from Germany to the world. They are asymmetrical, wavy, straight and shaved short hairstyles.


Love hairstyles, Hellenistic braids are a retro hairstyle originating from Greece. It is one of the favorite models of weddings, parties and balls.


Hairstyles with braids, these very stylish and practical braids are known as Dutch braids and can be used both daily and on special occasions.


Hairstyles in braids, french braid hairstyles are also one of the very trendy and stylish knitting models. They are perfect styles for graduation parties.


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