Eight Alluring Vintage Hairstyles For Long Hair


Vintage hairstyles are something that everyone misses seeing at the current time. Are you thinking about wearing a prepossessing hairstyle from the past that can compliment your vintage outfit? If yes, we are here to help you. We have some beautiful vintage hairstyles you can add to your skills the next time you start getting ready for a party or a corporate meeting. With our quick and easy vintage hairstyles for long hair, you can appear as pretty as a picture and show off your long tresses the way you want. Of course, we cannot deny that you can grab any hairstyle with long hair as there is no boundation on the hair length. 

Double side tuck-in

The two-sided tuck-in hairdo goes pretty well with western attires. Also, vintage women used to create this hairstyle to portray an elegant and well-maintained look. The hairdo is quiet, and you must divide the hair from front to back into two halves. Take hair from one side and puff them a little with the help of a tail comb, fold the rest of the hair and tick this hair with pins. 


Long Plaits

Plaits never go out of fashion due to the simplicity and peculiarity of this vintage hairstyle holds. If you own long red tresses, they must be the best you can get. For people in the past, the long red plaits symbolized ethnicity and style—especially the singers and musicians who used to carry the amazing hairdo. 

Long Semi Curls

Long messy hair with soft curls looks pretty on everyone, and this hairstyle is one of the easiest to carry and maintain. The hairstyle can look even prettier with highlights done rightly. With these, you can do half hair down, half up, messy buns, knots, and adorning a headband. 

Twirl Hairdo

The Twirl hairstyle is one that you can still see in many Hollywood celebrities, and the hairdo looks astonishingly pretty on whoever carries it. For this hairstyle, you must leave a portion of frontal hair in the roller pin and pin up hair from the crown. For the back, you can try the pony or bun.


People having naturally straight hair can rock this hairdo in the most copybook manner. The hairdo was counted as the most classic one back then that required no extra effort of pinning and clipping. However, with the mutations in fashion, the hairstyle has turned back and is again worn by multiple celebs. 

Front Puff 

‘Puff,’ the hairstyle that was so in trend in past years, has again surfaced in the beauty and hair world. The front puff is always associated with modern hairdos. You can add more charm to the hairstyle by adding a ribbon accessory or a pearl clip and leaving the rest of the hair to give a soft curl. 

Swirl Princess Curls 

The subtle side swirl is one of the most loved hairstyles from the vintage era. To create the hairdo section, part the hair from one side and twist them a little. Next, smooth the hair with the help of a comb and pin the remaining at the back. Repeat similarly on the side but with a lower level so that the other side looks different. 

Braided Bun 

One of the best vintage hairstyles that makes people gaze on the one who did it, the hairdo is not very easy. Before doing the hairstyle, make sure you have enough bobby pins. Also, you can look like a beautiful doll while wearing this hairstyle.  

These were the 8 Vintage Hairstyles For Long Hair that was and will never go out of style. So if you like it, do visit Trendiem. 



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