Voguish Top 10 Layered Haircuts For Women


To be representable, it is important to look appealing and beautiful, where your hairstyling stands foremost. Some have blessed straight and easy-to-manage hair, whereas others hold the reverb of curls in their hair. When you have to attend corporate, your hair needs to look sleek and well-maintained. While in the quarantine zone, many loved acing the messy hairstyle. Hence, if you see it in the larger picture, you will be able to notice that hairstyles and haircuts are a very important part of our appearance. It is correctly said, ‘even if your life isn’t perfect, your hair should be’. 

Here we have mentioned ten layered haircuts for women, looking to it: 


Straight Layered Hair

To get the final appearance of this haircut, ask your stylist to blow dry your hair before cutting. Once the haircut is done, straighten the hair to decrease all the curls and frizziness. It will surely affect the volume when tying. 

V-cut Layer Haircut

The V-shaped haircut looks pretty amazing at the back, whether you have straight or curly hair locks. The short layers will make your hair appear voluminous without disturbing the overall hair length. 

Mid-length Tousled Layers

The simplicity held by the mid-length tousled layer haircut is next to the most refined appearance. Individuals having the haircut can ace any attire. Also, the long layers are quite easy to maintain and go well with multiple face cuts. 

Shaggy layers

If you have naturally wavy hair, the shaggy layers can give you a spicy romantic, and messy outlook. But, on the other hand, if you are a not-too-sleek hair lover, these shaggy layers of hairdo full of mess will make you look boho-chic. 

Layered Haircut with Messy Ends

The long dark layers are never out of trend as they go well on every kind of woman. Regardless of their age, face type, hair colour and skin tone. The facial features look even more attractive with the effortless mess ends given to the layered haircut. 

Layers for Balayage Hair

Want to get a facile stunning look? Add straight hair, layered haircut and balayage highlights to your personality. You can add a more appealing tint to the haircut by getting the long front fringes to get a romantic vibe. 

Step Layer Haircut

Get short, medium, and long hair all at once. With added layers, you can reach a cuter glance. The three-layered haircut can suit any age and face shape. Adding some light shade colour highlights can give a whole new look to your step-cut hairdo. 

Piece-Y Layer Haircut

Do you have dark hair colour? Do you love experimenting with different hairstyles every day? Then, you should trust getting this staple haircut if the answer is yes. With this haircut, you can try braids, messy buns, ponytails and even loose hairdo. 

Shoulder Length Wavy Layers 

This haircut is recommended for people with thick hair volume. The hairdo can give a complete party look when chopped in multiple layers and given a wave. To add more volume, straight curling can help. 

Feather Layers

In case you do not like the bluntly chopped layers, this haircut is the perfect one for you. The feather layers can bring a real romantic and soft touch to your entire personality. 

A few questions regarding the layer haircuts:

Can layers make hair thin? 

The answer to this is yes, and your hair can appear thin due to removing weight from the hair.

Is a layered haircut a better choice?

Yes, the layered haircut not only removes the bulk weight in the hair but also brings new life in the form of bounce and volume. 

How to maintain a layered haircut? 

Applying a heat protectant available in the form of cream and serum protects your layered haircut to a greater extent.

These were the Top 10 Layered Haircuts For Women and the associated questions. To know more, visit Tren


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