Top 8 Curly Hairstyling Ideas That Will Make You Look Taller


We’re ready to wager that when you think of long, curly hair, there is a certain style that springs to mind. Most of us associate curly hairstyles with long hair with the reality TV star section of the hairdressing industry—those long, loose curls that always fall exactly so in photos. We’re here to tell you that when styling long, curly hair, there is a tonne of different looks to take into account. In this blog, you will come by the Top 8 Curly Hairstyling Ideas that are beautiful and dreamy. We insist you try out these hairstyles if you want to look taller than before.

  • Long Curly Hair With Blunt Bangs 

Are you prepared to make the leap and get fringe? Choose a thick, blunt fringe that looks wonderful with long, wavy strands of hair. This unusual style mashup blends together well! Complementing the curls are the blunt bangs. The bangs are cut straight across the forehead, without any layers or feathering, creating a bold and dramatic effect.


  • High Half-Updo 

A high half-updo is a timeless style that complements nearly any attire. Additionally, this hairstyle keeps your hair back and away from your face while showcasing your lovely curls. It is a versatile and glamorous style that can be worn for various occasions, including formal events, parties, or even everyday wear.

  • Middle Curls 

To give your appearance additional volume and structure, simply place your curls in the middle of your hair. To get those waves fit for a blog, make sure to leave the ends straight. This style is characterized by the presence of well-defined curls or loose waves, which add volume and texture to the hair.

  • Hair Roller Hairdo 

It’s simple to understand why using hair rollers to create curly hairstyles for long hair is becoming more popular. To maximize this romantic appearance, wear these lovely curls in a twisted half-up style.

  • Ombre Curly Hairstyle   

Your long, curly hair will seem more interesting and vibrant with ombre coloring. This combination of length and texture is ideal for showcasing a fresh color. It’s fantastic that you may make a temporary choice when playing with color in a protective style like this one! You can experiment with one color this month and another the following.

  • Short Soft Curls

Curls for a date night are sensual, and style, and need a fair bit of hairspray to keep them in place all night. But it’s definitely worth it for them. This glitzy appearance has an Old Hollywood vibe! Short soft curls refer to a hairstyle characterized by small, gentle, and well-defined curls that are typically found in shorter hair lengths.

  • Headband Curls   

The headband curl method is another choice for heatless curling. Your hair should be wrapped around a cotton headband that you wear around the top of your head. When you unwrap your hair in the morning after sleeping in this headband style, your hair will have natural curls.

  • Princess Curls 

To get flawless spiral curls throughout your hair, use a curling wand. Brush through the curls when they have cooled to soften the appearance. Take care to brush your hair gently to preserve the integrity of your curls.

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Having healthy curly hair these days is just next to a miracle, therefore when you have those beautiful curly locks flaunt them perfectly. With Trendiem’s Top 8 Curly Hairstyling Ideas for long hair inspo, we are sure you will find your signature hairstyle. Try out any of these hairstyles to add the ‘La-la’ touch to your personality. For more information on hairstyles and haircuts, you visit our website.





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