1920 Bob Haircuts – 14+



1920 bob haircuts, bob hairstyles were among the most popular hairstyles of the 1920s. It was literally a symbol of the opportunities and options of the rights of women’s new found freedom.


1920’s bob haircuts, cinema was a means of news and entertainment in the 1920s. The public loved cinema and could see celebrities as icons.


1920’s hairstyles bob haircuts, by the mid-1920s, women started to accept short hair more.


180 hair salon washington dc, in the 1920s, mature women also preferred the comfort of short hair without more curl-back, stuffing and needling.


180 hair salon kelowna, in the 1920s, bob hairstyles were a dominant hairstyle with a variety of length, textures and shapes.


180 haircut long hair, in the 1920s, bob hairstyles were quite versatile and women wore looks to suit them.


What is a 180 haircut, in the 1920s, bob hairstyles were preferred with hair accessories used in almost every hairstyle at that time.


180 haircut pictures, the straight and classic bob was the model where the straight fringes ended just below the ear. It was also called Buster Brown.


180 degree haircut tutorial, charleston bob was a curvy and soft-looking bob model of the ends. The hair was wavy and under the ears.


180 degree haircut curly hair, the boyish bob model was also known as Garçon. It was a very short bob with shaved nape and hair cut above the ears.


180 long layered haircut, the Moana bob was a bob in which the fringe parallel to the forehead was swept forward and had a distinctive parting. The rest of the hair was combed back over the crown.


180 degree hair salon kelowna, the orchid bob is neat hair parted to the sides and crossed over the forehead. Hair length was curved at the base of the ear and towards the cheeks.


180 haircut diagram, in the Shingle model, the nape of the hair was thinned out with a razor and had a well-defined neckline. Curved cut was dominant instead of straight cut.


180 degree haircut milady, the windy bob suits thick and wavy hair. It was messy looking and voluminous.


180 degree elevation haircut, water waves began to be seen in the second half of the 1920s. Butterfly clips and hair nets were used.


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