1930 Haircuts – 14+



1930 haircuts, in the 1930s, sexy and modern hairstyles adorned women’s hair. Gorgeous 20s curled bobs were still popular in the 30s.


Bob 1930 haircuts, the faux bob model of the 1930s was very popular at that time. This model was a well-groomed and blunt hairstyle.


1930’s women’s haircuts, in the 30s, women were more comfortable and free in hair length than they were in the 20s. Hair was well-groomed and wavy.


1930’s style haircuts, hair was wavy in the 1930s, but waves weren’t as frequent as in the 20s. Wide waves dominated hairstyles.


1930 haircuts female, there was a first hairstyle that we came across in the 1930s, that is the lob. The lob hairstyle was a slightly longer style of bob hair.


1930’s short haircuts, lob hairstyles, like bobs, are among the hair models that have managed to be trending until today and are used quite often by women.


1920s hairstyles for short, bob models’ 20s lob hairstyles are the most popular and stylish hairstyles of the 30s. They have managed to be classic and timeless.


1920s hairstyles for very short hair, deep side parting and wavy hairstyles are also among the 30s hairstyles. During this period, hair length is generally medium.


1920s short hairstyles how to, we see the breezes of the 20s in the hairstyles of the 30s. Hair wavy short side or middle parting.


1920s short bob haircut, in the 30s, waves were dominant in hairstyles. These waves were used on long, short and medium hair.


1920 flapper short hairstyles, the difference between the hairstyles of the 30s and the 20s is that their hair length is a little longer. The hair is in the direction of growth by going from ear level to the shoulders.


1920s hairstyles for short, another feature that draws attention in the 30s is that the hair accessories used in the hair are simpler and rarely used compared to the previous period.


1920s hairstyles for very short hair, if you want to see a different model in your hair for your special occasions, you can take inspiration from those stylish and wavy hairstyles of the 30s.


A short hairstyle 1920s, if we compare the hair models of the 30s compared to the previous year, the hair waves are slightly wider and the hair accessories are used less than the previous period.


Short hairstyle in 1920s, in the 30s, we frequently see lob and bob hairstyles. These two models are still among the hair models that women love today.


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