Haircuts 1970 – 14+



Short haircuts 1970s, the shag haircut is a hairstyle from the 1970s. It is preferred by women who want to look rebellious and angry.


1970 layered haircuts, this cool and curvy short hairstyle also belongs to the 70s. It is a very stylish model with its deep side separation and curved stance.


Haircuts 1970, in the 70s, tiny braids were also quite favorites. It was the choice of free women who wanted to be different.


Womens haircuts 1970s, scarfs wrapped in hair were also among the hair accessories used in the 70s. Used on every hair length and model.


Bob haircuts 1970, half ponytails and ribbons are also characteristic hairstyles of the 70s. These tapes were also used in the full model.


1970s haircuts female, these hairstyles with bangs and wavy blow dry are also very fashionable in the 70s. A hairstyle that gives a feathered look.


Haircuts from 1970’s, hair styling with small braids in the 1970s was very fun and enjoyable. It was often preferred for medium and long hair.


Haircuts in 19702, long wavy hair was also one of the hairstyles we came across in the 70s. These women used very creative ideas for these waves.


Short haircuts from 1970, the retracted poof is also one of the popular models of the 70s. Period celebrities also used this half hairstyle.


Long hairstyles, many hippies and free spirits used these tapes in the 70s. It was in almost everyone’s mind at concerts and events.


Short hairstyles, it was a rock and roll look in the fringe bangs and was the favorite model of the 70s. Different style and attractive.


Cute hairstyles, in the 70s, the number of women with long hair was quite high and the ladies used this style of single or double ponytail a lot.


Love hairstyles, feathered hairstyles were also quite feminine, sexy and stunning hairstyles. We can say that it is one of the most stylish styles of the 70s.


Hot hairstyles, in the 70s women were decorating their hair with real flowers. Flower crowns were also very stylish and stylish.


Cute hairstyles, mid-tops were pretty trendy in the 70s. It was simple classic and quite natural, but it was a quintessential ’70s model.


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