11+ Gorgeous Hairstyles 1920 Models You Gotta See



1920 vintage hairstyles, The unforgettable ballroom hair of the 1920s. It was the most popular style of special events such as weddings, balls and celebrations at that time.


1920 gatsby hairstyles, The Bob model, which first appeared in the 1920s, was very popular at that time. Today, we see the bobbin model in different forms.


1920 wave hairstyles, When it comes to bob hairstyle, we think of the 1920s of course. The middle parted straight cut is a variation of the A cut and Wavy bob cut.


1920’s wavy hairstyles, An A-cut bob model from the 1920s. This model, in which the backs are short and the front is long, makes your hair look more voluminous and is suitable for every face shape.


1920 hairstyles short hair, Here is Wavy Bob. If you are going to use this cut, which is one of the popular models of the 1920s, on wavy hair, it would be a better choice to use it with a side parting.


1920 curly hairstyles, In the 1920s, women with short hair were quite a lot. The most popular hair was the wavy hairstyle called quack or finger wave that we saw in this model.


1920’s hairstyles with feather headband, The forehead crown is a must for bridal hairstyles in the 1920s In addition, the veils used in those years were made by fastening the tulle with buckles on both sides.


1920’s party hairstyles, Hairpins and crowns prepared with stones and feathers were used as hair accessories in the 1920s. These accessories are also preferred for all kinds of events other than daily use.


1920 hairstyles for short curly hair, The 1920s remained in our memories as a period when the accessories used in hair with little naturalness were dominant. Feathers, stones, pearls, beads, and tulle dominated these accessories.


Hairstyles 1920, Here is the 1920s and the forehead crown with feathers, stones and pearls. Period celebrities also used this trend, which was quite trendy at that time.


Hairstyles 1920 female, Here is another of the extravagant hair accessories of the 1920s. Although there are exaggerations, they are the perfect complement to the outfits.


1920 wedding hairstyles, The forehead crowns, which were the favorite of women in the 1920s, were used in long, medium, short, straight, wavy and all colors of hair. Thanks to these accessories that complement the beauty of women in special events, the 1920s took its place in history as the most elegant period.


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