14+ Hairstyles 4b Natural Hair Styles For Curly and Wavy Hair



Natural hairstyles for 4b hair type, if there is a hair that causes great confusion when determining the hair type in women, this is the 4b hair type.


Natural hairstyles for medium length 4b hair, 4b hair types are sharp angled and loosely defined kinky hair. It has a Z-shaped pattern. It is as large as a ballpoint pen.


Hairstyles 4b natural hair, if the curves of your hair have a z-shaped pattern with sharp angles, you have 4b hair. It is the width of a ballpoint pen and is not very well defined.


Hairstyles for 4b natural hair, if you have 4b hair, the best care you can do is treat it with coconut or castor oil. It is necessary to keep the hair moist like this.


Easy natural hairstyles for 4b hair, 4b hair is delicate, with a tendency to dry and shrink and requires special care to maintain its health.


Natural hairstyles 4b 4c hair, since 4b hair is tight due to its texture, moisturizing is important in this hair type. Washing your hair definitely adds moisture.


Natural hairstyles for 4b/4c hair, 4b you can apply a hot oil massage with coconut oil, castor oil or almond oil at least once a week to deeply nourish your hair and wash it after a few hours.


Natural hairstyles for short 4b/4c hair, 4b make sure to use conditioner on your hair after getting out of the shower and continue to apply every morning.


Styling 4b natural hair, to prevent the 4b hair from tangling and breaking, you should wash your hair in sections. You should open your hair with your fingers or a wide toothed comb.


Hairstyles for short 4b natural hair, the less you touch your 4b hair or try to comb it, the better. Styles like box braids, Bantu knots, twists, and updos protect your hair.


Natural hairstyles on 4b hair, one way to style your 4b hair is with layered afro. It is a simple and layered look. You can open the bobbins with the folded cut.


Protective hairstyles for 4b natural hair, undercut cornrows are also a 4b hairstyle. Style one side of your hair with fine cornrows and one side with a split pixie.


Hairstyles for natural 4b/4c hair, the voluminous afro model is gorgeous, vibrant and stunning looking. Ideal for 4b.


Styling short 4b natural hair, the result will be perfect if you accentuate your 4b hair with caramel and brown colors. The idea that color is not applied to these hair is wrong.


Cute natural hairstyles for 4b hair, dreadlock style is also ideal styles for 4b hair. It gives a stylish, cool and feminine look.


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