Look Younger With 10 Short Wavy Hairstyles For Older Women


Aging is a crucial phase of life that brings numerous changes in the body. People start appearing a little less beautiful compared to those between 20 and 40 years old. Moreover, there is a constant approach among people to glance appealing and fresh throughout. The most age-affected features of the body are skin and hair. Here we are resolving your hair-related struggle by providing ten Short Wavy Hairstyles For Older Women. These super easy hairdos can make your personality look stand out from the crowd. 

  • Blonde Pixie

Similar to the classic pixie haircut, the pixie haircut with blonde hair looks mesmerizing on women over 50. To add more volume to the hair, you can ask your stylist to get some wispy bangs done on the side. If your hair is thinning, make sure to keep the hair closest to the hair of your scalp. This can avoid the scanty appearance. 


  • Grey Messy Pixie

Your hair looks even prettier when you let it grow naturally; while aging, the hair turns grey. These grey hair look just above the margin when highlighted with color pops. If you love to get messy arrival in your look, then you need the messy grey pixie hairdo. Also, such hair brings another level of confidence of commitment to your persona. 

  • Salt and Pepper Bangs

Some older women tend to develop more facial fat, making them look chubby and cute. With the addition of lowlights and highlights, the pixie haircut can get a more defined look. On top of that, the hairdo with added bangs allows face framing for every face type. 

  • Side Swept Pixie

This pixie haircut looks good on women with longer swept bangs and looks good on various face shapes. If you have a natural oval face structure, it will look more subtle whether you have natural greys or blonde hair color. 

  • Sleek Pixie

One of those radiant haircuts that looks out of the box choices is usually done on natural blondes. With this hairdo, you do not need much makeup to look good. People who want to look stand out with an approach of being strong, independent, inspirational, and committed simultaneously. Get the haircut done. 

  • Styled Curly Platinum

The best hairdo for a starry evening party or a corporate event, the shiny platinum brings a defined glance to the hair. If your hair is edgy in texture, you need to style them with the help of hair fixers and moisture gels. Then make sure to sleek back to attain more volume. 

  • Short Curls

Having natural curls is the biggest virtue given by god! It is very important to flaunt them nicely. Also, curls are never out of trend. The swept curls look good on many face types. To avoid frizz in the curl, you can apply curl creams, and hair sprays to fix them. 

  • Textured Bob

You can get a bob haircut annexed with bangs to get a softer look with added volume. This haircut is highly easy to maintain. All you need to do is wash your hair and blow dry on light air temperature. Do note that the volume looks good only when you have thick hair. Else it would not look that great. 

  • Long Bob with Bangs

This particular hairstyle can be aced by women of all ages, young or old. The no-layered bob with wispy bangs can soften facial features if you have thin hair. Moreover, the hairdo looks pretty with all hair colors, but why not get a vibrant color and flaunt your short hair.

  • Soft Big Curls

Chin length haircut with added natural blonde box curls creates a romantic appearance. You can flatter your sharp facial features by getting the hairdo done perfectly. 

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